My Work

I work on ethics and social and political philosophy. I’m particularly interested in questions about educational access and justice. Access to affordable, high-quality, public education from primary school to postsecondary school is important. What counts as affordable and high-quality education? What are the aims of a publicĀ institution? Who should be able to access public education? In addition to motivating my research these questions guide my thinking about how to best advise and serve my students.

My Pets

Phantom, 2 years old

Other names: Phantom Menace, Fancy, Phan Boy, Phanty Beauty, The Universal Boy

Likes: food, car rides, looking out the window

Dislikes: He’s actually pretty chill. I can’t think of a thing that bothers him.

Rose, 7 years old

Other names: Baby Girl, The Absolute Baby

Likes: food, sleep, and long, slow walks

Dislikes: feet, being alone

Siege, 9 months old

Other names: The Boy, My Dude, C.J. (Comrade Juice)

Likes: food, fighting, yelling

Dislikes: authority